Cwm Trysor Farm
Glass tile mosaic by Becky Smith 1969

Welsh Cobs - Section D

"Cwm Trysor" (pronounced: coom TRUH sohr) is Welsh for "Treasure Valley" which is the name for this part of southwest Idaho in the Boise river valley.
We are west of Boise, east of Middleton and 1/2 mile north of the Boise river.

The Geldings at home getting dressage training from Aly Smith

The Boys at Spencer Training, Eagle, Idaho relaxing after their workout.
Idaho Flyer
(Cairngan Cinnibar x Minyfford Midnight Moon)

August 2007


Cairngan Saint Thomas
(Scole Sally x Scole Flying Scotsman)
May 2007


August 2007 Tommy and Flyer playing in a rare rain shower


Cairngan Cinnibar
 (Scole Sally x Crossroads y Rhayader) 


Three Mares in 2003
Cinnibar, Nellie (1968 Morgan/Arab) and Sweedy (1992 AQHA)

Dexter - 1990 Hanoverian x AQHA
Donnerkeil x Buelah Begonia
(Now living in Las Vegas, NV)

Buelah Begonia (1980 - 2001) AQHA with Sweedy
Malcolm and Nellie
Photos of my first Cob - an unregistered Welsh Cob cross named Alexander. Here we are with best friend Jackie and her Irish mare Zanie - in Wales 1967

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